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Social Barefoot Bowls

On the 31st of March MPGHSS hosted a social lawn bowls.

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Semester 1 Orientation 2022

On a warm Tuesday evening of the 22nd of February, the MPGHSS held our first (of many!) in-person events of the year. The morning began on Zoom, in collaboration with the amazing educators of our faculty at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health welcoming our new cohort (from the Master of Public Health, Master of Biostatistics, and Master of Epidemiology) and a little introduction by a few faces representing the student committee.

However, come 3:30pm, for many students their first introduction to the campus began, whether it be first year students, many newly arrived international students, or even 2nd/3rd/4th year students whomst have never been on campus due to studying online. What ensued was an afternoon of campus tours, meeting new faces and a space for networking.

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Swab for Covid, Screen for Cancer

COVID-19 lockdowns have led to a sharp decline in the biggest protective factor for a favourable outcome to cancer: early detection.

The Home-Based Self Collection for cervical cancer initiative has been introduced in Victoria in an effort to increase screening among women and close the gap between early diagnosis, and preventable deaths.

As lockdown protocols remain in place despite rising vaccination number, how else can we improve cancer screening in this environment?

Watch here:

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International Women's Day Film Screening

To celebrate International Women's Day, MPGHSS hosted a screen event to showcase short films pertaining to women's human rights and empowerment to start important discussions about gender in public health.


MPGHSS Conference 2021

The FIRST MPGHSS Conference! Hear from industry professionals and peers as we discuss all things public health careers and research!

Watch here:

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