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Health and Social Justice (POPH90300)


Semester 2 - Dual-Delivery

Subject Type


Social justice in public health asserts the belief that everyone should have equal rights, opportunities, and access to good health. Presently, health disparities are fueled by unequal policies and practices influenced by factors such as gender, class, race, and location. By integrating knowledge from social sciences, this field explores the underlying causes of health inequities, including social, political, economic, and historical factors. Public health endeavors to promote social justice through approaches like health promotion, community development, empowerment, and advocacy. This subject aims to equip students with the necessary tools and information to assess and address inequality and injustice, fostering skills in public health advocacy, social policy reform, and community activism.

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Written review of the public health social justice literature- 1250 words (25%)

Written opinion/editorial piece- 1250 words (25%)

Written advocacy report- 2500 words (50%)

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