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Biostatistics (POPH90013)

Find the subject in the Handbook here. Schedule: Sem 1 (Online) OR Sem 2 (Dual Delivery)

Subject Description

Biostatistics is a compulsory subjects for students of the Master of Public Health, Master of Epidemiology and the Master of Science (Epidemiology). It teaches fundamental statistical concepts and methods essential for data analysis and research interpretation in the context of public health. Students develop skills in statistical inference, data presentation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, sample size determination, confounding awareness, and basic statistical analysis, along with generic skills like critical thinking and effective communication.

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• A written assignment of not more than 8 pages (30%)

A written assignment of not more than 8 pages (40%)

2 Short Quizzes (2 x 4 pages) (30%)

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06 dec. 2023
Evaluat(ă) cu 5 din 5 stele.

Really solid set of modules. Straightforward assignments and manageable workload. @leaf_ey


08 nov. 2023
Evaluat(ă) cu 5 din 5 stele.

I was dreading having to do Biostats but it was a great subject experience. Perfectly organised and taught, made everything so easy to learn. Assignments are also well aligned with content being taught, so no tricks. I had Nadia as my coordinator and she delivered a fantastic subject.

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