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Health Economics 2 (POPH90229)

Find the subject in the Handbook here. Schedule: Semester 2 (Dual-Delivery)

Subject Description

This subject builds on and extends the theoretical and analytical approaches to health economics introduced in Health Economics 1. The aim is to enhance students’ ability to undertake economic analysis of health, health care and health policy issues by the use of more advanced theoretical and quantitative approaches. The topics to be covered include Grossman’s model of health production; health care quality; efficiency and equity of health care markets; health care costs control and financing; the economics of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry; the economics of public and private health insurance; externalities and government’s role in health care; health system reform; and evaluating the performance and impact of a health policy.

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• Critical evaluation of a health policy/study given (30%)

• One-hour mid-term in-class examination (20%)

Major essay - 2,500 words (50%)


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