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Health Program Evaluation 1 (POPH90058)

Find the subject in the Handbook here. Schedule: Semester 1 (Dual Delivery)

Subject Description

This subject examines the diverse purposes health program evaluations can serve and the wide range of environments in which health program evaluations are conducted. Using Australian and overseas evaluation examples, students gain an overview of conceptual and methodological issues in the key evaluation approaches.

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• Minor assignment 1 - 1,000 words (15%)

Minor assignment 2 - 1,000 words (15%)

Major assignment, due in second week of exam period - 3,000 words (70%)

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07 dic 2023
Obtuvo 3 de 5 estrellas.

Useful content and a good background to have when doing research. I liked that I had already completely qualitative research subjects so understood their value and necessity when conducting evaluations. While I appreciate Lucio is incredibly passionate about evaluation, I didn’t love him as a lecturer. A few issues with the assignments, tutors completely contradicting what was said in the lecture and needing to get sections remarked


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19 sept 2023
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The subject itself is primarily theory-focused, so sometimes it can feel disconnected from reality. But you leave the class with a new way of thinking and viewing programs/policies/interventions that I think is really helpful for any subject/stream within the MPH (and generally in public health). Lucio really cares about his students, and while it might be hard to feel that in such a big lecture, he is always happy for you to come and chat with him.

Some students have commented that the lectures are repetitive. However, I'm of the opinion that the repetition helps drill the concepts into your head, really creating a strong foundation and understanding, so its actually value-adding.

In summary: the subject is well-run, the key…

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08 jun 2023

Lucio is a fantastic lecturer who will give you the principles of health program evaluation in this subject. The minor assignments set you up for the major assignment which is quite transferrable to real world settings. Overall, health program evaluation is well run subject and a useful skill to have if you're looking to work in public health. 7/10 😊

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23 may 2023

You will not find a more passionate teacher than Lucio. He is fun, quirky and really cares about students and trying to help them do the best in the subject. The topics are structured so each week is focused on one part of the final major assignment. It is very program focus, so keep this in mind if program management is not your thing. He provides examples to start you off for the smaller assignments which is incredibly helpful to know where you start. I think the content is dry for people not interested in program management/eval, so avoid if this doesn't excite you. But if you've really enjoyed Prioritising and Planning or HPID then definitely continue or start your…

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23 sept 2022

The subject was structured quite well. What we learned in the lectures, it was consolidated in the tutorials and assessments. Prior to enrolling in this subject, I did not have a background in public health. This subject made me feel as though I had I equipped with the appropriate skills to evaluate health programs. Lucio is an incredible and thoughtful lecturer who is always willing to answer your questions.

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