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Health Promotion (POPH90020)

Find the subject in the Handbook here. Schedule: September (Dual Delivery)

Subject Description

Students will have the opportunity to learn the history of health promotion and the models of health and health promotion, along with key theoretical approaches explaining change in individuals, organisations and systems. They will be introduced to the fundamental elements of successful health promotion and its application to different health issues in different settings and sectors, and in different populations in Australia and in developed and developing countries overseas. Students will be exposed to key leaders in health promotion in Victoria from different levels of government, from leading health NGOs and from academia during the course. They will also be required to interview a key practitioner in their place of work as part of assessed group work activity.

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• Written Assignment due in the 3rd week of the teaching period - 1,000 words (30%)

Group oral presentation (5 students per group) - 20 minutes (20%)

Written Assignment due in exam period - 3,000 words (60%)


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Nov 12, 2023
Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

Having so many guest lectures is actually a disadvantage for me. I find it hard to grasp the core knowledge of this subject as each guest speaker talks about a niche. I know the coordinator and tutor try somehow to link the talks with theory but it is not systematic enough. Overall, exposed to Health promotion's various life applications. Yes. But I don't feel much improved or equipped with solid skills coming out of this subject.


May 23, 2023

Overall I enjoyed this subject. The guest lecturers are really what make this subject worth while doing. They are all incredibly diverse, interesting and engaging speakers. You have the chance to learn about an array of topics within health promotion and also learn about very specific examples. I found the coordinators and their lectures a bit boring but this is only a week or two of content. The tutor I had was amazing and I enjoyed the group assignment that required us to present in a different format to usual which was fun and everyone got into after a while. Would recommend but definitely wasn't in my top three favourite subjects I've taken if you're unsure.


Sep 11, 2022

Absolutely loved this subject!! You get a variety of guest lecturers that really showcase the diversity of health promotion within public health, and the assessments are fun. The final assignments does lack quite a bit of structure, but it gives you the opportunity to explore anything you're super interested in. Definitely would recommend taking this.

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