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Healthcare Environment Evaluation (POPH90299)

Find the subject in the Handbook here. Schedule: July (On-Campus)

Subject Description

This intensive subject addresses the growing recognition of the complex and interdisciplinary nature of healthcare environments, emphasizing the need to understand key dimensions such as physical workspace design, virtual workspaces, and leadership and management practices. It focuses on evaluating how healthcare environments can better support the healthcare workforce, considering their impact on staff work, satisfaction, productivity, performance, and well-being. While various evaluation approaches and tools exist, their utilization and impact on decision-making in healthcare environments vary. The subject draws from health program evaluation, work environmental evaluation, building design evaluation, and environmental psychology. It offers a unique learning approach, including pre-lecture video discussions on healthcare environment evaluation and tutorials providing insights into collaborative healthcare environments. Students will examine healthcare environment exemplars from different settings.

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• Attendance at 80% of lectures and tutorials (N/A)

• Critical review of 3 self-selected journal articles on Workspace Design Evaluation - 2000 words (20%)

• Group Presentation - Collaborative Workspace Design Evaluation (20%)

• Workspace Design Evaluation Plan - 3,000 words (60%)


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