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Planetary and Global Health (POPH90230)

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Improving global health in the long term requires a deep appreciation of the impact of environmental issues at local, national and global scales. To facilitate depth of learning, this subject focuses on three key public health threats that require complex multidisciplinary solutions, which are: climate change; poor sanitation and water security; and nuclear weapons. Students of this subject will explore these interrelated planetary challenges, their profound implications for population health, and the demand for high level integrated problem solving in the coming decades. Students will become familiar with and critique relevant policies and international agreements pertaining to environmental health. Students will also learn to identify complex systems and barriers implicated in processes of responding to environmental challenges on global, national and local scales. This subject involves interactive sessions and is facilitated by internationally recognised experts in this field.

Planetary and Global Health is a dual delivery block mode intensive subject. This means that the assessable material is delivered through self-directed online modules that students complete over a two-week period. The online modules offer flexibility in relation to the timing of when students complete them, or what hours of the day you may choose to study. However, allocated modules must be completed in time to allow effective participation in live interactive sessions that are linked with those modules. Live interactive sessions are held on six days across the two week period, in which module material is discussed with fellow students and lecturers. Students may choose to attend these live sessions online or face to face. Students are expected to commit approximately 40 hours to learning each week, comprised of learning modules, reading, discussion board activities, group work and live sessions. This two-week teaching period is followed by group work and independent learning towards three pieces of assessment to be completed over four weeks.


July - dual delivery


  • Pre-recorded group presentation 4-5 people assessed as a group - 15 minutes (20%)

  • Opinion Editorial, due 2 weeks after final day of teaching - 1,000 words (20%)

  • Written essay, due 4 weeks after final day of teaching. - 3,000 words (60%)


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